Lasse Rouhiainen: Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT Expert, International Keynote Speaker

Renowned for his expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT, Lasse Rouhiainen is a bestselling author and distinguished international speaker. He leverages his vast experience to guide businesses in harnessing AI and generative AI potential, capitalizing on ChatGPT’s growing popularity, and integrating these advancements into their strategic planning.

Born in Finland and now based in Spain, Lasse has always been focused on exploring how companies and society can adapt to and reap the benefits of AI. His work paves the way for businesses to swiftly enhance their competitive edge using generative artificial intelligence. Lasse is a co-founder of Alicante ELLIS Unit, an institution committed to human-centric AI research. As a leading authority in AI, he also serves on the boards of various startups including Shaper, an AI solutions provider, 1MillionBot, a developer of advanced conversational AI, and Roybi Robot, a pioneer in children’s educational robots. Through these roles, Lasse continuously shapes the future of AI technology.


Lasse has captivated audiences in over 18 countries across diverse sectors, including technology, tourism, education, public services, industrial services, banking, and professional services. His collaboration with tech industry titans such as Microsoft and appearances at renowned international seminars like Mobile World Capital and TEDx talks attest to his influence and expertise.

Media Appearances

Lasse’s profound expertise and distinguished stature in the industry are evident in his contributions to esteemed publications such as Harvard Business Review, BBC, and Business Insider. In 2019, he made an indelible mark on the dialogue surrounding technology in education by authoring a pivotal article in the Harvard Business Review. The enlightening piece, “How AI and Data Could Personalize Higher Education,” introduced a fresh viewpoint on the transformative role artificial intelligence could play in modern education. This publication stands as a testimony to his visionary leadership and his unique knack for unlocking AI’s potential in redefining today’s educational landscape.

Notable Publications

As a prolific author, Lasse has several books on Amazon, including his highly acclaimed work, Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future. This trailblazing book, translated and available in seven languages, was the first to reveal how AI will swiftly alter our lives. In 2016, Lasse initiated discussions on the incorporation of metaverse technologies in education with his book, The Future of Higher Education: How Emerging Technologies Will Change Education Forever. This groundbreaking piece delves into the potential of AI, virtual reality, and augmented reality to revolutionize the education sector. Lasse specializes in training companies on how to create and implement ChatGPT strategy, integrate ChatGPT into their workflows, and utilize other generative AI tools. He has conducted transformative ChatGPT workshops for industry leaders like Microsoft and made multiple TV appearances discussing AI’s impact on the workforce.

Career Highlights:

Lasse’s profound impact on AI and metaverse technologies, demonstrated in his keynote presentations, top-rated books, and media presence, marks him as a forward-thinker in the swiftly advancing fields of AI and the metaverse, influencing how we comprehend and adopt these technologies.

Generative AI holds the promise of radically democratizing the utilization of artificial intelligence, opening up vast business prospects for corporations. If Lasse’s ChatGTP or Generative AI training courses pique your interest, don’t hesitate to reach out by completing this form.

Copyright 2022 All rights reserved.

Copyright 2022 All rights reserved.